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One Bad Rhino Hush Kit


Order away I am up an running and already processing orders!! Visit the OBR store and you can pay using Pay Pal!

The 2008 700cc OBR Hush Kit is still being worked I am not getting the results I wanted. I appreciate the feedback from those of you that tested it for me!

The 04-07's are dialed in and working great!!!

OBR Hush Kit, field test results no pun intended.

Measurements were taken at 3 feet in open field with grass and dirt mix. I can say that I now have a quiet Rhino.

Right Side

77 db

Left Side

77 db

Front Side

74 db

Back Side

82 db

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red&yellow lines

My plans are to provide 3 Stages to the One Bad Rhino Hush Kit.

I will be offering Stage 1 first,  which will take the biggest chunk of noise out of the Rhino and it will include the following. If you already have the Benz  Silencer then you can order just the kit.

1 Benz Silencer (Manufactured by Benz Silencer) and is an Option to One Bad Rhino Hush Kit

1 One Bad Rhino Hush Kit  Sound and Vibration Mitigation Technology

If you want to learn more about a quiet Rhino, ask questions, or chat about the Hush Kit, please use this forum.


Well this should do it for now. Feel free to ask questions and email me.   The One Bad Rhino Hush Kit™ is must for the military once they get their Rhinos.

I have some preliminary results from my hush kit mod and let me caveat this with...the conditions were not even close to optimal/normal Rhino use conditions, but it will give you an idea. It was on my trailer in between the house and a fence so there was extra noise rebounding all over the place. The trailer is on concrete.  But I will give it to you anyway. I compared it to my cars, both of them were outside also and sitting on concrete in front of my house so you have some idea.  I am excited if you can't tell my quest for quiet Yamaha Rhino has produced a neat product...


Right side db

Left side db

Front side db

Back db

My Rhino (w/Hush Kit)

81 db

82 db

78 db

85 db

2003 Toyota Tacoma

74 db

75 db

73 db

74 db

2001 GMC Yukon XL

71 db

71 db

72 db

69 db

All measurements were taken at 3 feet from the vehicles. The trucks are stock! The vehicle were at idle. Because I was limited on space 3 feet was the maximum distance I could plausibly measure due to space. I will tell you the further I got from the Rhino both in the front and the back the db's started dropping off!

If you see "I" a lot that is because I am working alone.  Trust me in the Texas heat I have a little blood and lots of sweat and tears from the sweat and now some big smiles!

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  The Rhino accessory market is exploding and Rhino owners are inundated with tons of choices and I hope I can help you gain a better insight as to what you are getting.  As One Bad Rhino evolves it is important for me to listen to the Yamaha Rhino owners as to what they want to see.  Please check back to see what new Yamaha Rhino Accessories I install next.   I am always looking for the newest and most unique Yamaha Rhino Accessories on the market.  So if you know where one is please let me know and I will try to acquire it and post it in the Rhino Accessory section and add some pictures, install times, tools needed and last of all ease of installation.  One Bad Rhino will be hard at work so you don't have to be.  Please feel free to send me links to any new Yamaha Rhino Accessories so I can get them out there for Rhino owners to look through.